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Sarah Nersesian, MSc, PhD Candidate

Founder, Co-Owner, & Senior Illustrator


Halifax, NS

Hi everyone! I am a passionate researcher who loves to share scientific knowledge through illustrations and other visual communication strategies. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Bio-Medical Sciences at the University of Guelph before moving to Kingston to obtain my MSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Queen’s University. I am currently completing my PhD in Microbiology and Immunology at Dalhousie University focusing on exploring the impact of intra-tumoural immune cells on tumour development and treatment responses. My graduate training has been fully supported by scholarships funded through the University of Guelph, Queen’s University, NSERC, CIHR, The Terry Fox Transdisciplinary Training Program and most recently a Killam Memorial Scholarship. Over my academic journey I have published my research in journals including Oncotarget, The American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, Scientific Reports, Oncoimmunology, Frontiers of Immunology, Bladder Cancer and The Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer. Many of these publications were accompanied by my custom scientific illustrations!


With my unique expertise combining scientific communication strategies with illustration and graphic design, I founded Designs that Cell (DTC) in 2017. DTC has grown to a team of talented post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate students who hold advanced degrees and have experience in graphic design, science communication or illustration. We have designed illustrations for over 30 scientific publications, a handful of books, and numerous grant figures and have consulted for a variety of non-profit and private companies. 


I really enjoy being able to communicate research and science in an attention-grabbing, visually appealing way. With over 6 years of experience in health sciences research and over 8 years of experience in art and design, I can ensure your illustrations will be both scientifically accurate and visually appealing.

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