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Scientific Illustrations

Creating engaging scientific illustrations that are both visually appealing and convey accurate information clearly to audiences can be challenging.
Whether you are applying for a grant, preparing a publication, or putting together your thesis, we can help you design a graphic that will effectively communicate your ideas. Save your word count for the details and communicate main ideas through graphics.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I had been looking for help on a scientific image and came across Sarah's graphic designing skills. 
In my opinion, a unique background that Sarah brings as a graphic designer is her knowledge of biological sciences. Communicating our image requirements was really made easy by this. In fact Sarah, added her own thoughts and creativity to the overall design of the image. Sarah is probably one of the very few skilled scientific graphic designers we have around.....would highly recommend her for such projects!

Dr. Madhuri Koti DVM, MVSc, PhD


Assistant Professor, Queen's University



Journals, Theses, Books

Create a figure for a primary or review publication. Catch the journal cover with your aesthetic schematic that will bring traffic and citations.


National, Community, Students

Getting all your amazing research ideas through to reviewers in a limited number of pages can be tricky. Save space for the details by adding a figure.


Committed to Quality

Science isn't always translated properly. Create an infographic that describes your research for your lab website, patients or the public.

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