How can I get a Designs that Cell Illustration?

1. Contact Us


Book a free 30 minute consultation or send us a message with your contact information and feel free to briefly describe the illustration you need to communicate your science. 

2. free Consultation


We will make sure that you're in the right place before you make any commitments! During the consultation, we'll discuss your project, the purpose of your illustration, platform, audience and style!

3. Client Agreement


We ask all of our clients to complete a client agreement which highlights our terms and conditions. We are happy to answer any of your questions at this point! This contract will also include a timeline and price estimate. Depending on the project we may ask that you provide a 50% deposit before we start working on your image.

4. Illustration Time!


We begin working on your illustration as soon as we receive your signed client contract (and deposit - if applicable).

5. Edits


It's extremely important for us that you are 110% satisfied with your final illustration, so we offer an unlimited number of changes (as long as no major changes are made to the project scope).

6. Final Product

Once you're completely satisfied with your illustration, we will send you the original vector files (Adobe Illustrator files) as well as any other format you request. This image is now owned by you and you are free to make any changes to the original illustration in the future! You will also receive a final invoice which will reflect the time spent to complete your project.

How long does it take to create an illustration? 

Illustrations can take anywhere from 1 to 10 hours depending on the complexity, level of detail and style. We are happy to let you know if a specific timeline is feasible during a free consultation. For more complex projects, we will provide you with updates at various stages to make sure you are happy with the progress while we illustrate your ideas!

How much does an illustration cost?


The cost of an illustration can vary greatly depending on the complexity, level of detail and style. We provide our final invoices based on the number of hours our scientific illustrator has put into each image. Some of the time involved includes research, reading, illustrating and editing. For reference, a publication-quality scientific schematic taking approximately 5 hours will typically fall into the $200-300 range. To receive a free estimate, contact us for a 30 minute consultation!

How do we protect your science?


As scientists, we understand how crucial it is to keep your data, papers and scientific ideas your own. We have several steps to ensure that your science is kept securely. Once we receive your documents, we store them in a secure password-protected file which can only be accessed by our management team and the illustrator working on your project. At your request, once your project is completed we will promptly safely delete/destroy all information.