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scientific illustrations

All Designs that Cell custom illustrations are hand-drawn to meet your needs. We draw our inspiration from other scientific illustrators, anatomical textbooks and our favourite graphic designers.



We specialize in creating customized figures for publication. Whether you’d like a mechanistic pathway, graphical abstract or schematic, we’ve got you covered! Having a high-quality figure will enhance your publication and increase the visibility of your article. 


We create infographics to relay scientific concepts for scientific audiences or the general public. One of our previous projects featured here included topics of immunotherapy, informed consent, clinical trial procedures, and precision medicine.

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CognitiveSocialFactors Fig2 NoTitle.jp2


Undergraduate and graduate students understand the importance of a well- communicated thesis. We illustrate images that are perfect for complementing your thesis and can also be used for publications, academic posters or oral presentations.


We are thrilled to collaborate with course coordinators and professors to create educational illustrations that complement course material. We have experience
designing custom visual content for courses such as biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy, and pharmacology.



We design scientific journal and thesis covers. Get in touch to learn more. 

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