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Kristen Dancel-Manning, MSC, BFA

Senior Illustrator


New York City, NY

As a fine art major studying graphic design, I never would have guessed there was such a connection between art and science. But after obtaining my degree and working in the industry, I decided to take a step sideways and pursue the sciences. As I was completing a second undergraduate degree in biology, I developed an interest in electron microscopy as a way of joining both of my academic pursuits. Since then, the way I use art to communicate complex scientific concepts has expanded and evolved. Receiving my master’s degree in biology at NYU while working as a research technician at their microscopy core facility has provided me a window into some of the most inspiring research and visually stunning images. From Alzheimer’s disease to zebrafish and everything in between, I get to see a little bit of it all. I’m excited to continue my journey in the field of scientific communication and look forward to illustrating with the DTC team to help other researchers present their work in a more visually impactful and meaningful way.

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