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Logos & Branding

All Designs that Cell custom illustrations are hand-drawn to meet your needs. We draw our inspiration

from other scientific illustrators, anatomical textbooks and our favourite graphic designers.


Looking for a custom logo for your new company or upcoming event? Look no further. We design logos to suit your needs and style preferences. Pair your new custom logo with your branding package, and you're all set to go!

coams logo updated.png
DTC TEAM-01.png
DTC TEAM-07.png

When it's time to refresh your branding or start a new endeavour,  we offer a full branding package which includes logo design, website design and production and a font and colour schemes. We 
recently completed a full branding package for medical consulting company BIZMED 
Solutions (

0005ZB Branding 1.png
DTC TEAM-01.png
DTC TEAM-07.png

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

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