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“Funding, advice boost student companies”

Sarah Nersesian, who's leaving for medical school at Dalhousie University in the fall, also saw a business opportunity in education.

Her company, Designs That Cell, creates cartoon but scientifically accurate graphics for students and researchers. The accessible illustrations aim to be an alternative for imposing, jargon-heavy scientific research.

"It's not that anyone doesn't have the same level of intelligence. It's just if you're not in that field, you don't speak the language," she said about the complex research scientists churn out.

Before the company, Nersesian was illustrating for years while building her skills as a scientist. It seemed like a natural fit to throw the two together and bring scientific research to a wider audience.

"We live in a world where science isn't always communicated to the general public," she said.

Nersesian plans to continue the company through med school -- only one example of a summer business turning into a long-term project.


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