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How to pick the right designer

Whether you choose to work with us or not, we want you to pick the right graphic designer for whatever project you have coming up. So here are 3 tips you may not have heard when looking for a designer.

TIP #1: What are your needs?

To understand what you are looking for you must know what you need. Here are questions we ask in our FREE 30-minute consultation. Even if your designer doesn't ask these questions we recommend bringing this up. This will save you time and money; this eliminates the number of back and forths and number of revisions.

Sample questions:

Who is your target audience?

What's your budget like?

Are there certain styles you're looking for? Provide examples.

What is your budget?

When is this due?

TIP #2: What to look for in a portfolio

After you know what you're looking for It's time to find a graphic designer. There is more to look for in a portfolio other than style.

Look for portfolios that have experience working on projects similar to what you're looking for; if you're looking to make environmentally friendly cups it's better to find a graphic designer that designs eco-friendly brands over someone who designs streetwear clothing.

That being said. The number of years working in the field may not be the best indicator to assess their skill level. Someone who has worked for 1 or 2 years in the field could have a similar skill set to someone with 5+ years of experience. However, it tells you that they have experience streamlining the process and challenges they might face in real life.

Lastly, aesthetics are not everything! Look for how they solve a communication problem. Are their projects clear to understand? Does having a visual graphic help the reader process the text better? Is it accessible? Having cursive fonts may look nice on fancy clothing but it is hard to read in textbooks.

TIP #3: Contact them!

Have you ever waited over 3 days for someone to respond to you? Emailing and direct messages on social media might take longer than a call. Get all your questions answered in 15-30 mins on a call/video. This way you can get all your ideas out and everyone is on the same page. It's also good to see the person behind the artwork and who you'll be working with.


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